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West Hatch information

This is not the official page for West Hatch Wildlife Centre in Somerset. This site is simply about the centre’s history and services.

West Hatch Wildlife Centre in Taunton, Somerset treats many animals from the far South West, the West Country and southern England each year.

The veterinary staff is complemented by experts in animal husbandry and rehabilitation, allowing top standards of treatment and care.

During the summer months, the staff is helped by tireless and devoted volunteers.

Visiting West Hatch

Because the welfare of the animals is the top priority, they can’t allow the public to walk around the centre as excessive human contact can stop animals from making a complete recovery. However, supervised visits for vocational courses or groups is possible. These need to be organised in advance.

West Hatch has some of the finest wildlife rehabilitation facilities in the country, with in excess of 120 rooms and specifically created enclosures.

The facilities at West Hatch Wildlife Centre include:

Over 20 large outdoor aviaries, long exercise aviaries used for evaluating flight in birds as well as seclusion and release aviaries to ensure the best chance of survival after release.